Influencers and brand. Who manages my brand?

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The new brand managers, the influencers. Relevant brands seek the new professional profile to generate notoriety, relevance and to connect their brand with the target audiences. Influential people who are the focus of attention of millions of followers in social networks and who have the capacity to generate currents of opinion.

A new business brand trend shows doubt regarding the benefit or error that this decision can generate for the brand. Who will really manage our brand?.
It is important to define if the influencer really fits with the personality of our brand and if it shares the same values as its followers . If the relationship and involvement of the influencer with our brand depends on a monetary incentive, we have a problem.
Confidence in the brand does not create an economic value. The brand consumer, who lives a brand experience and feels part of it becomes the most powerful influence that our brand can have. brand. The sum of the reality of the brand and its promise generates a stable long-term trust