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Brand strategy is a business and institutional long-term plan which aims to implement a successful trade name. A well-defined brand strategy and executed it affects all aspects of the corporation and it is directly connected with the needs of its targets. Brand positioning aligned with the mission, vision and values of the organisation ensures that the activity of the brand and the company have a common goal. Brand communication is guided and directed by the strategy of its tangible and intangible elements, and as a result, a preferred market label with the capacity of having a convincing and credible dialogue.



From customer service to Hospitality

The first customer service departments, which had the objective of informing, advising or managing the incidents, to the customer service, a service that integrated, in a single  […]

Emotional branding

From the last productive model focused on machines and serial production – characterized by supply and demand – the current industry needs to re-examine its  […]

Mediterraneanly committed

This brand case is a clear example of commitment and brand social responsibility that goes beyond the growth of wealth to approach their social environment in a natural and sincere way  […]


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