Emotional Branding

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From the last productive model focused on machines and serial production – characterized by supply and demand – the current industry needs to re-examine its commercial model to adapt to the demands of new consumers. Feeling, emotion and creativity are the basis of the new economic model, a new commercial scenario that places people in the center of organizations and their purposes.

What is the difference between sports shoes and those of competition? What difference exists between a perfume and another of the same characteristics? The answer to these questions is the emotional connection of the brand with the consumer.

Driving a car is a sensory experience and of social recognition;  a mobile phone is a relational and fun tool; An anti-aging cream is the empowerment of mature women. The products are losing their first function to transform themselves into products that evoke feelings and emotions in the consumer when they are used.

We do not consume products, we consume experiences and emotions.

There are no differences between consumer goods, most of the products on the market share the same benefits, characteristics and prices. In a global and volatile market, competition ceases to be the product and focuses on intangible values – feelings and emotions – that generate personal desires, longings and aspirations.

This means that industrial organizations have to understand the emotional needs and desires of people if they want to be competitive, now more than ever, emotional ties with consumers must be established; We need to change the way we understand the productive and social scenario; You need to see the customer as a partner and the consumer as a fan, and thus, move from material satisfaction to experimenting with emotion.

“The brand not only has to do with the ubiquity, the visibility and the functions of a product; It involves connecting emotionally with people in their daily lives. A product or service can only be considered brand when you have an emotional dialogue with the consumer”


Joël Desgrippes

Desgrippes, J. & Gobe, M.: Emotional Brand Experience. ISBN-10: 1592532608