Mediterraneanly committed

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Under the title “Act I. Soul” the first announcement of the summer campaign of the Estrella Damm brewery aims to remove conscience and promote the fight against pollution of seas and oceans.


The social commitment of the brand with the environment is a global commitment of the entire company. The use of green energy in its brewing process, recyclable packaging and the use of raw materials from responsibly managed forests, another important step being carried out by Estrella Damm is the elimination of plastic rings in the presentation of your product in the market.

This brand case is a clear example of commitment and brand social responsibility that goes beyond the growth of wealth to approach their social environment in a natural and sincere way, a real brand commitment. It is about returning to society what society brings to the company. Estrella Damm has bet for the ecological conscience of its immediate surroundings the Mediterranean.

It is a change in the mentality of 21st-century organizations that need to position themselves socially to face the demands of new generations of consumers. Social behaviour of the brand that the whole company assumes and is part of its DNA, its corporate culture, its way of being, of thinking and acting, thus forming an emotional bond with society. To think of Estrella Damm is to think positive, is to think about the environmental quality of the Mediterranean.