“Pienso, luego Yoigo”

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With the appearance of Yoigo the mobile phone companies saw that another world was possible. A new way of doing and saying things started. A new message for a new brand: fun, closeness and transparency. Yoigo presented us with a new brand positioning that changed the mobile landscape and somehow forced the competition to position and establish a more humane, open and close the message.

But the markets impose themselves with force and the competition also, with the arrival of MasMóvil, PepePhone, LlamaYa! o Happymobile, Yoigo was forced to rethink its positioning, to differentiate itself from the new competition. An absolute mistake, with the slogan “Viva la diferencia” was unable to differentiate itself from the rest. At that time the value of Yoigo was built from slogans and impacts on the audience (GRP). As expected, the brand self-destructed and fell into indifference.


In his third attempt at brand positioning, Yoigo presents this year “Pienso, Luego Yoigo” a clear message that delves into the intelligence and ingenuity of the brand to offer a low-cost product, a brand territory occupied by Lowi.


With the price as its main Reason Why, the brand loses the value that makes it unique, different and desired. And it becomes one more brand, with nothing to contribute to its audiences. Another attempt to brand positioning, see what happens … be able to position itself in the market, be a different brand and desired by your audience?