Let’s start a conversation!

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Those of us who manage communication professionally in the field of business, often start from the internal communication needs of the company, without thinking, in many cases, of the needs of our recipients (customers, suppliers, workers, etc.). It is a situation that occurs repeatedly and that demands, today, a deep change in the concept of business communication. To create a monologue is not to communicate, to communicate it is necessary two or more interlocutors with the capacity to listen, speak, understand, in short, relate from an empathic position that allows building a relationship.

Listening is the basis of communication, knowing the needs and demands of our stakeholders, internal and external, will allow us to engage in a transparent and empathetic dialogue based on values, to encourage active and effective communication. Let’s stop looking at the navel and start a conversation!

In a hyperconnected and social society, we need a sincere and authentic dialogue that generates the confidence and the necessary relevance that directly affects the reputation of the company.