Intangible heritage: reputation

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A company that acts without ethics can make money in the short term, but it will lose the trust of its audiences and, consequently, it will disappear.

Many companies have worked and work on their external projection based on the concepts of image, communication, institutional relations or brand. But the social and cultural change of our societies has empowered the public of interest of companies and institutions with social and technological tools that allow them to express their opinions publicly; They are a speaker capable of building or destroying the external image of any company.

Working from within the company’s reputation, social responsibility, corporate ethics and good governance as an intentional external identity of companies with their public interest will be your guarantee for the future.

The construction of corporate reputation is today a great challenge for many companies that see how the management of relationships with their stakeholders are the basis of the good economy of companies.

Dialogue with customers, suppliers, partners, workers, the media and society in general will depend on the generation of an intangible heritage that lasts over time.