Be transparent or not be

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Confidence and credibility are the foundations of 21st century organizations. In a scenario of interactivity and hyper-transparency -the digital reality-, companies, and institutions must respond to the challenges that society demands to establish stable and lasting relationships with publics that demand, more and more, the commitment of organizations with the society.

Being transparent is a conscious action that goes beyond legal requirements and contributes to increasing the confidence and value of the organization; an intangible value with consequences in the income statement.

In the book Transparency: Creating a Culture of Candor (2010) by Warren Bennis, Daniel Goleman, James O’Toole and Patricia Ward, explore the concept of “transparency” in business and corporate environments, governments and social sectors , as a vital resource, a survival position, in the current social and economic scenario.

Confidence and transparency are the concepts that permeate the relations of the organization with its public and directly affect the value of reputation.