From customer service to Hospitality

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From the first customer service departments, which had the objective of informing, advising or managing the incidents, to the customer service, a service that integrated, in a single channel, all the contact points of the brand with its clients. The relationship of brands with their audiences has evolved a lot in recent times and in […]

Business Communication in a Changing Environment

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Corporations and institutions find themselves involved in a social and cultural environment in constant change. This new relationship paradigm has changed the most basic rules of the communication process. This change is deeper than it seems at first sight. The new environment challenges organisations to reconsider their own existence and their reason for being. In […]

New trends of present and future in business communication 2017

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In today’s environment and more in the field of communication, the phrase of the Nobel of Economy, Daniel Kahneman, makes sense: Prediction errors are inevitable because the world is unpredictable. We present the 6 trends in the communication of 2017 that the organisations should already have incorporated in their day to day forming part of […]