The economy of the intangibles

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Nowadays having a business success means carrying out sustainable strategies. The company must have the capacity to stay in the market and enrich itself in the long term, but it must also create value for all its stakeholders, betting on innovation, excellence and efficiency, generating trust and achieving prestige and reputation. Everything is possible, and now more than ever, integrating the strategic management and the indicators of the intangibles -the culture, talent, innovation, brand and reputation- into the business culture and especially on the dashboards.

In the seventies 80% of the value of a company was tangible, at present, 80% of the total value of the company falls on its intangible assets and assets. In this context, companies face great challenges; Establish indicators that measure the contribution made by the intangibles to the generation of business value.

When the degree of the reputation of a company becomes a currency for any of its activities, it is essential to monitor the company’s comprehensive behaviour. Alignment and coherence between your messages and their actions is key to building a certain feeling towards the corporation. The new business territory in which the companies compete, one of the intangibles and particularly the reputation, makes it necessary to put them in value and analyze them carefully to know the variables to undertake and which are the attributes to improve to respond positively to the demands that the stakeholders present.

Business intangibles are the new space in which companies draw their competitive scenarios and, for this reason, it is more necessary than ever that in short-term financial indicators, they give way to others with a more strategic and permanent nature with more ability to generate wealth in the long term.