New trends of present and future in business communication 2017

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In today’s environment and more in the field of communication, the phrase of the Nobel of Economy, Daniel Kahneman, makes sense: Prediction errors are inevitable because the world is unpredictable. We present the 6 trends in the communication of 2017 that the organisations should already have incorporated in their day to day forming part of the DNA of the corporate culture.

1. Internal communication. It is the protagonist of the corporate culture, its management has a high degree of incidence in the construction of a good and solid reputation and is manifested in the external image of the organisation.

2. Ethics. As an obligation, as growing social demand. The ethical principles reflected in corporate culture allow us to attune to society and adapt to the environment. The lack of ethics in the organisation causes disappointment in its internal and external environment.

3. Crisis management. As a daily course in the organisation. Access to information, technological interactivity and the constant change of means and social profiles, requires the company and the institution to communicate in a flexible and fragile scenario. The vigilant role of the organisation is fundamental to neutralise a possible scenario of crisis.

4. Coherence and transparency. The exact correspondence between what I am, what I do and what I am said to do. The opacity in acts and messages also communicates.

5. Adaptation. The leadership of companies and institutions involves the change of business strategies. New consumers, more informed and more active, who want, more than ever, dialogue and 360º experiences. The present of the relations with the clients goes by the active listening of their needs.

6. Individuality. Personalization is more important than ever. No more campaigns for all audiences, companies must bet on a personalised communication in real time. The customer is unique. The corporate message must be adapted to the situation of each client.

Other more incipient tendencies like the big data, the contents transmedia or the ludification … they are here, it is necessary to be attentive to aspire to be excellent organisations.