New business brand leadership

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The brand is considered, nowadays, synonymous with experience and relationship. It is an abstract entity, an intangible asset that gives personality and credibility to the company or product and, and of course, measurable economic benefits.

Given the importance of the brand in the markets, taking care and working the global brand means being aware of the ability of workers to lead it.

We are talking about the empowerment of the brand, the brand management that workers carry out with the creation of relevant, personal and professional information contents through their own communication channels, it’s a complex relationship that the organization has to manage.

The impact of the messages that the workers make are potentially more effective than the messages promoted by the corporation; however, it is necessary to take into account the alignment of the corporate culture with the brand universe and involve the workers in the Corporate’s decisions. (Corporate, strategic management of all assets -tangible and intangible- that affect an organization).

With this positioning, workers become brand ambassadors, spokespersons strongly involved and committed to the company, issuers that generate messages and public conversation with external stakeholders, in a natural, credible and convincing manner.

The Employee Advocacy has an external communicative impact that guarantees and multiplies the communicative reach of the organization with its audiences and increases the reminder (Brand awareness) and the credibility of the brand.

It has an internal impact because it affects the motivation and sense of belonging to the workers, enhances the strategy of internal communication and reduces the cost of recruitment and retention of talent.

But this strategy is not done randomly, you have to implement a key methodology to ensure the success of the Employee Advocacy program. A program based on the emotional involvement of the worker with the organization, training in corporate culture and support and personal and professional promotion.

It is necessary for companies to seek the internal potential, the model of internal corporate culture and put into practice the values promoted by the brand and business, we speak of a sincere, natural and transparent communication carried out by workers.