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Endomarketing or internal marketing is a strategically planned communication process aimed at promoting and enhancing corporate culture, brand values and corporate identity.

The objective of this process is for employees of the company to identify positively with the internal processes, products and services offered by the organization to customers.

It is an internal marketing strategy that consolidates, improves and structures the organizational culture, putting the motivation and loyalty of the workers at the centre for management and business policies.

From this perspective, workers and collaborators are considered customers who must be trusted, a logical and fundamental action in the life of the organization that translates into a strong involvement with the company and the job. A situation that improves productivity, commitment and sense of belonging.

The endomarketing plan must be multidirectional, without hierarchies, fluid and transparent. This means that the initiatives can be promoted and carried out by all the workers and collaborators of the company.

An internal marketing program has benefits in the short and medium term, especially with the organizational alignment that enhances internal cohesion, reduces costs and makes processes more profitable by increasing production. But, really, the strong point of an Endomarketing strategy is the loyalty of the workers, internal initiatives that aim to foster a creative and innovative attitude.