The capital of relationships

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The quality of the relations between the members of an organization are important for their competitiveness and they become one of the main intangibles that will impact in the medium and long-term on a strategic and differential value to operate in the market. The quality of the work environment affects the personal and group attitude. […]

“Pienso, luego Yoigo”

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With the appearance of Yoigo the mobile phone companies saw that another world was possible. A new way of doing and saying things started. A new message for a new brand: fun, closeness and transparency. Yoigo presented us with a new brand positioning that changed the mobile landscape and somehow forced the competition to position […]

Online corporate communication tools

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With more than 1,000 million users, WhatsApp has become the most used instant messaging tool. This application is imposed, not only on a personal level but also on the professional, often as the most important channel of communication in companies. But in the corporate context, WhatsApp has certain shortcomings. There are countless platforms on the […]

The new generation of value

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The main capacity of intangibles is differentiation. In the consolidated markets based on a commercial offer focused on functional factors, it is necessary to work strategically on the concept of “difference”. The price, quality and distribution, which in other decades were important in the positioning of the product or service in the market, in the […]

New business brand leadership

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The brand is considered, nowadays, synonymous with experience and relationship. It is an abstract entity, an intangible asset that gives personality and credibility to the company or product and, and of course, measurable economic benefits. Given the importance of the brand in the markets, taking care and working the global brand means being aware of […]


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Endomarketing or internal marketing is a strategically planned communication process aimed at promoting and enhancing corporate culture, brand values and corporate identity. The objective of this process is for employees of the company to identify positively with the internal processes, products and services offered by the organization to customers. It is an internal marketing strategy […]

The economy of the intangibles

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Nowadays having a business success means carrying out sustainable strategies. The company must have the capacity to stay in the market and enrich itself in the long term, but it must also create value for all its stakeholders, betting on innovation, excellence and efficiency, generating trust and achieving prestige and reputation. Everything is possible, and […]

Business Communication in a Changing Environment

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Corporations and institutions find themselves involved in a social and cultural environment in constant change. This new relationship paradigm has changed the most basic rules of the communication process. This change is deeper than it seems at first sight. The new environment challenges organisations to reconsider their own existence and their reason for being. In […]