Mediterraneanly committed

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Under the title “Act I. Soul” the first announcement of the summer campaign of the Estrella Damm brewery aims to remove conscience and promote the fight against pollution of seas and oceans.   The social commitment of the brand with the environment is a global commitment of the entire company. The use of green energy […]


Journalism industry and climate crisis

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In the latest update of the style guide of The Guardian newspaper, journalists are recommended to use the terms: crisis, collapse or climate emergency to address the issue of climate change and the environment. These guidelines in the words of its editor Katherine Viner, represent the recognition of the magnitude and urgency of the problem: […]


Place Branding

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The human being is a social being by nature, and therefore, a communicative being; their individual survival depends, to a large extent, on their social relationships. A complex and structured relational level in social systems that allow you to know the reality of the world around you and your own. Some intra and interpersonal relationships […]


Let’s start a conversation!

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Those of us who manage communication professionally in the field of business, often start from the internal communication needs of the company, without thinking, in many cases, of the needs of our recipients (customers, suppliers, workers, etc.). It is a situation that occurs repeatedly and that demands, today, a deep change in the concept of business […]


Tell me a story

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Explaining stories is the oldest way to communicate. The use of words and images to excite, teach and explain. Brands need to explain, today, stories capable of thrilling and impacting. Stories that are a reflection of the brand, its values and its promise. Brand storytelling is more than the creation of a content and a […]


Intangible heritage: reputation

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A company that acts without ethics can make money in the short term, but it will lose the trust of its audiences and, consequently, it will disappear. Many companies have worked and work on their external projection based on the concepts of image, communication, institutional relations or brand. But the social and cultural change of […]


The brand in feminine

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Gender equality is one of the greatest demands of women, who were, what they are and what they will be. The movements of the Me Too and the world manifestations of the 8M demand a change in the masculine vision of the world and the patriarchal culture still established in many societies. The brand is […]

Group of business people analysis with marketing report graph, Young specialists are discussing business ideas for new digital start up project.

The capital of relationships

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The quality of the relations between the members of an organization are important for their competitiveness and they become one of the main intangibles that will impact in the medium and long-term on a strategic and differential value to operate in the market. The quality of the work environment affects the personal and group attitude. […]


“Pienso, luego Yoigo”

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With the appearance of Yoigo the mobile phone companies saw that another world was possible. A new way of doing and saying things started. A new message for a new brand: fun, closeness and transparency. Yoigo presented us with a new brand positioning that changed the mobile landscape and somehow forced the competition to position […]


Online corporate communication tools

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With more than 1,000 million users, WhatsApp has become the most used instant messaging tool. This application is imposed, not only on a personal level but also on the professional, often as the most important channel of communication in companies. But in the corporate context, WhatsApp has certain shortcomings. There are countless platforms on the […]