Business Communication in a Changing Environment

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Corporations and institutions find themselves involved in a social and cultural environment in constant change. This new relationship paradigm has changed the most basic rules of the communication process. This change is deeper than it seems at first sight. The new environment challenges organisations to reconsider their own existence and their reason for being. In consequence, the organisation must reconnect with the mission, the vision and the purpose in order to adapt to a new social context.
Zygmunt Bauman coined the following concept “liquid modernity” as a synonym of adaptation to a world in constant change. In order to survive, organisations must adapt their behaviour and their methods to the new social demands. These days, the organisations who prevail are those with the capacity not only to adapt to change but prepared to change constantly at the speed determined by their audiences.

“The success of organisations in the new social environment depends on them adapting to constant change”

The new consumer lives in a temporary and flexible environment that is adapted to their emotional and experience relationship needs.
Organisations with rigid structures and managed communicatively unidirectional communications must be prepared to manage the constant change in order to meet the demands of society. Becoming liquid and malleable corporations prepared for change means a guarantee for their long-term survival.